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Sponsor a hive, apple tree or heritage breed animal on our farm!

Over the past 50 years our food supply has become more industrialized and driven by agribusinesses.

The rise of industrial agriculture has signaled the decline of genetic diversity. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), just 14 species make up 90 percent of our global food supply. In the U.S. more than 90% of our dairy comes from Holstein cows. More than half of the hog breeds used just 50 years ago are now extinct, and just five industrial breeds of chickens supply nearly all of our meat and eggs.

Rodale Institute brought livestock back to the farm to help preserve valuable heritage breeds of farm animals. In addition to advocating for organic crops we also teach people how to manage an organic apple orchard. The Honeybee Conservancy at Rodale Institute promotes natural and sustainable beekeeping practices through education and outreach.

Help our continuing efforts to change the decline of diversity and sponsor a hive, apple tree or heritage breed animal today!



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