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It all began with Organic Farming and Gardening in 1942. The magazine aspired to be “the meeting place where our readers will exchange ideas as to their experiences with this method of farming.” Eventually the “farming” was dropped from the pages (and the title) leaving a niche that would be filled by The New Farm magazine in 1977.

The New Farm swiftly became a trusted source of information for pioneering sustainable and organic farmers, but closed in 1994 just as organic was hitting its stride. When the Rodale Institute brought The New Farm back as an online resource 10 years ago, response was incredible. It was clear the farmer-to-farmer know-how had been sorely missed. But for all the positive feedback the online received, there were a few statements that sprouted anew every year: “I really miss being able to tuck it in my back pocket.” And, “I just don’t have the time to sit in front of the computer.”

In answer, New Farm has transformed itself yet again. Now you will be able to tuck it in your back pocket, pass it along to a friend and keep your favorite articles on hand. This quarterly publication is bringing back the farmer-to-farmer know-how for which New Farm has always been know and opening its pages as a meeting place to exchange ideas about and experiences with organic farming. We are digging our hands deep into the soil again and putting down roots.

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